We provide high quality prosecution of client’s customer care processes and improve them on an ongoing basis.

We offer end to end solutions. We have the latest technology which enables advance call routing, generate the reports such as agent performance report, Average call handling time, Automatic call allocation etc.

Customer support: 

We provide knowledge base support, high quality, cost effective services for outsourcing the technical functions. Our support team covers all major operating systems, applications in desktop. We work with every client to ensure that our representatives match closely with the needs of our client companies. 
Customers are supported by intelligently scripted question and answers and politely.

Customer Retention:

Companies are always trying to attract Customers from competitors. The logic is simple, if we provide poor services to customer after sales service, they will leave us. If we provide them with an average experience, they are open to being attracted to leave us. But if we provide them with a great experience, our competitors will be unable to bear the cost of acquiring them from us…… and this is what we want.

We help you motivate and convince customers, whom otherwise want to cancel a product or service, to continue using it. This is accomplished by employing well-trained agents, customized scripted objection handlers and rebuttals, cross-selling and down-selling and extensive quality assurance and monitoring.

Order Tracking:
We ensure that the call answering staff is suitably trained to greet the customer to a Professional Company and register Customers’ orders on the Order Tracking System. In case of extreme high call flows leading to calls being abandoned, we can customize an IVR asking the caller to leave a call back number and a brief message for someone from the sale team to return his/her call.

Refund Processing

We can answer incoming calls of your customers calling in for a refund. These calls are generally from irate customers and have to be dealt with a sense of maturity as the customer can sometimes be very compelling and demand a disproportionate refund wherein the customer service agent has to explain logically what the refund value is going to be and process the same accordingly as per pre-defined policies.